3 Ways To Stay Motivated This Winter

November 4, 2018




As the temperature has plummeted, it is increasingly harder to train! You get hungrier, crave more food and training is the LAST thing on your mind! How do I stay on top of training? This article will help you kickstart your fitness and get your groove back with tips to implement for those gains this





Although it sounds cliche, preparing your mind mentally for exercise has to start with the physical! Leaving your gym clothes out overnight leaves with no excuse not to get to the gym or train.


Get a cute workout outfit! Looking and feeling good can make a massive impact in how you feel training and how hard you work during training. And it doesn't hurt anyone if you look and feel your best! Go for it gal!















Proper planning prevents poor performance! As we all know diet accounts for 80% of our progress, so in order to reach those goals - our meals need to be in line with them! As the weather gets colder, we crave more comfort foods that are calorie dense. This is a great opportunity to use more starchy foods to fill you up during this time. Soups, salmon, broccoli and ample amounts of warm water and green tea would be perfect to eat during this time. However, if you do give in to your cravings, watch your portions!














Plan what you want to train on which day! If you plan to train 3 times a week, get those 3 workouts in!


Life does happen but once planned there is a less likely chance that you won't train if you have scheduled it in. 


Train with a friend, accountability helps you stay on track!


Train with others, go to a group workout or class; it will motivate you to keep going even when you don't want to!





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