What Is Barbell Brunch Club?

Sometimes with fitness events, you end up going alone and the experience is not the same! Founder Eni, especially found this the case as she loves keeping fit and sometimes had to go alone because none of her friends were able to come. Naturally loving to go out to brunch, she thought to create an experience where ladies of London would be able to meet other ladies and socialise through fitness and food! Hence, the birth of Barbell Brunch Club in October 2017.

In addition to our usual fitness and brunch events, we want all our Barbell babes to grow professionally and mentally; we launched our Barbell Socials with active workshops to not only get to know the other ladies but to learn from them too!


Barbell Brunch Club is an all female fitness collective, celebrating women of all backgrounds and fitness levels! We are building a community of confident, go getting females. It is a safe haven for women to be their best selves, free from judgment!

Join our community of fearless women!

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